AGENT OF CHANGE is a "re:form, re:cycle, re:use" social project, which was initiated by Tania Bose and VON ERDLING. This project started in the heart of Bavaria: VE's hometown Regensburg.

VE believe the only variable to drive innovation in future is  "creativity and synergy" to create a climate of            change for people and the planet.

Dedicated creatives from different industries attend VE's AGENT OF CHANGE project and contribute their        talent, imagination and passion for a better tomorrow. Traditional craftmanship meets advanced materials to break rules of the past and evoke new values in business for a responsible "circular society".

AGENT OF CHANGE is VE's certificate of approval and an award of excellence for selected individuals, who  commit to  VE's circular economy leadership guidelines.

A fusion of art, science, technology and business to drive change: Build to perform. Made to last.

Have a look at our awarded AGENTS OF CHANGE:








Meet the team of your dreams. Join us.

Let's close the loop. Think small. Dream big. VE love crazy ideas and would love to empower you to take chances. Do you have a solution to solve a real problem? Would you love to create impact? VE love to do good: What would you like to contribute to the world as an AGENT OF CHANGE? Join the tribe.