VON ERDLING was founded 2017. The mission of the company is to create safe and toxicfree materials for people and the planet, while using "tech for good".


We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make our expertise available for the benefit of the societies where we operate.

Core Values

Respect. Professionalism. Perseverance. These are the core values that define our culture and guide us in our daily work and in the way we do business.


Our ideas, technology and colleagues have created monumental impact: real turning points that have transformed lives, industries and society as a whole.


We believe in synergy and love to  collaborate to empower change. Our corporate responsibility  and expertise benefits different societies where we operate to create momentum.


Our team loves to chase fireflies. We are curious by nature and humble the same time. Our global team of researchers is constantly improving today’s technology to deliver value on a regular base.


VE love sustainability and smart technology. Real-time connectivity – from connected cars to personal wearables to smart grid technology – is fundamentally changing the way we innovate, collaborate and produce in future. VE celebrate heritage and like to shape the future.


VE enable the creation of intelligent products and services using Machine Intelligence. Exploring, innovating and developing applications and infrastructures for our clients to save time and cost. Always keeping his interest first in mind.